We created BumbleZest in 2017, out of our little Battersea kitchen. We thought how amazing it would be to open the fridge and have a drink there ready to help you deal with every different challenge the modern world throws at you. A drink if you need to unwind, before a meeting, if you need to focus, before a workout, after a workout, after a heavy night out, first thing in the morning to give you a boost…

It all started when Dan was struggling to balance a healthy lifestyle with working in a high-stress industry, he was also drinking too much coffee and alcohol. He started developing health issues and generally felt rundown and unhealthy. Something had to change, so we started to make homemade natural drinks full of health enhancing ingredients. It started to make a difference to his mind and body. BumbleZest was born and we have made it our mission to share it with the world.

We hope you enjoy our drinks as much as we’ve had fun making them.

Emily & Dan