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BumbleZest Added To Food Standards Agency List of Approved CBD Products

BumbleZest have been included in the latest FSA Public List of approved CBD products. This is great news as they strive to show consumers that they are a safe, premium brand that can be trusted. All BumbleZest’s products, including their FSA approved CBD drinks, are of the highest possible quality and meet all criteria of the FSA. Being included on the FSA List reinforces that BumbleZest are a highly trusted UK CBD brand.

Our Story

Dan and Emily started creating exciting and unusual drinks in their kitchen in London in 2017 to help them get through their busy days. They aimed to make functional health drinks to help people deal with the challenges modern life threw at them. A drink to give you a boost in the morning instead of a coffee. A drink to function as a digestive aid, a hangover cure, a drink to help you unwind, something that might help you focus before a big meeting… BumbleZest was born!

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It is now their mission to share their natural drinks which are packed with premium ingredients, sourced from all over the world. From their premium Ginger CBD Turmeric health shot to their Yerba Mate Matcha functional can, there is something for everyone. BumbleZest’s functional drinks are carefully crafted to ensure all ingredients work in harmony.

Why we chose CBD as a natural ingredient

BumbleZest always strives to keep ahead of the curve in the health drinks industry and was watching with interest overseas where people were reporting great benefits of consuming CBD products. CBD was becoming increasingly popular in the US, and BumbleZest wanted to be a brand to help introduce the UK Market to the wonders of CBD as an ingredient.

Many consumers were already enjoying CBD in alternative forms, so Dan and Emily felt excited to offer it within their drinks. It felt like the natural and perfect next step to extend their range of drinks to include CBD. All their CBD products are Third Party Tested with Lab Reports to show that they contain zero THC.

Approved CBD

As BumbleZest’s CBD range contains no THC, they are a 100% trusted UK CBD drinks brand. It has been known from their loyal customers that BumbleZest’s CBD drinks Calm + Comfort (Lavender CBD Spirulina) and Fire + Fortify (Ginger CBD Turmeric) are a popular choice for those seeking an alternative unique health drink. BumbleZest’s CBD range are known to restore balance, provide that extra boost of goodness and help their customers unwind after a busy stressful day.

About the Food Standards Agency (FSA)

The FSA was established in 2000, an independent government department working to protect public health and consumers’ wider interests in the food and drinks industry in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The UK is the second-largest market for consumer CBD in the world and therefore, it is known that it is FSA’s mission to ensure all FSA approved CBD products are to be trusted and comply with other legislative requirements.

As CBD products are classified as ‘novel foods’ it must be authorised before they are put on the market to ensure they have gone through an independent safety assessment. To find out more about The Food Standard Agency and their goal, please visit their website.

BumbleZest Refresh and Relax CBD Drink Spakling Can

What is the FSA Novel List and approved CBD?

In February 2020 the Food Standard Agency (FSA) began work to incorporate CBD into their ‘Novel Food List’ for approved products. The ‘Novel Food Legislation/Approved List’ has the aim to regulate the sale of FSA approved CBD products in the UK. This was to ensure all consumers only have the choice of safe, approved CBD products in the UK market.

It has been said that CBD products not on the list must be removed from the sale, there are still some grey areas surrounding CBD products in the food and drinks industry, however more information can be found here.

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BumbleZest are proud that their CBD products meet the requirements set by the FSA. By featuring on the FSA’s approved Novel Food list our customers can be confident that they are enjoying a premium, high quality, safe drink.


We source the best natural ingredients from around the world and never compromise on quality. Each drink is packed full of a wide variety of premium functional ingredients.

Forget about unnecessary preservatives, additives, GMOs or artificial colourings. We are all natural.

Our drinks are packaged in environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable packaging. We are zero plastic, use glass bottles and non-BPA aluminium cans. Say no to plastic!

Being as eco-friendly as possible in sourcing, manufacturing and distribution is something we strive to do.

We’re proud to make all our drinks in the UK.


BumbleZest Health Drinks

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