Foods For The Immune System – Naomi Laws

Foods for the immune system

The body’s immune system is our special ‘defense mechanism’ against disease and infection. Without our immune system – which attacks unwanted substances that invade our body, we are susceptible to illness and disease. It is, therefore, so important to not only be aware of the stresses on our immune system, but to also learn the […]

CBD Infused Drinks: The Essential Guide

There’s no doubt that CBD infused drinks are known to have plenty of significant health benefits. CBD products are becoming the next big thing! Many companies have used CBD as their key ingredient pushing its known health benefits. These are in form of teas, oils, soft drinks and more. Let’s dig deeper into what CBD […]

How to maintain a healthy vegan diet whilst travelling- Lauren Livingstone

Lauren Livingstone

Often people can worry about staying healthy and maintaining a vegan or vegetarian diet whilst travelling. It is well known that travelling can result in long journeys, island hopping, hostel living and eating cheaply on the go! But, look no further I have the perfect top tips to keep you feeling and looking fresh on […]

Approved CBD

Approved CBD

BumbleZest Added To Food Standards Agency List of Approved CBD Products BumbleZest have been included in the latest FSA Public List of approved CBD products. This is great news as they strive to show consumers that they are a safe, premium brand that can be trusted. All BumbleZest’s products, including their FSA approved CBD drinks, […]

The Top 4 Vegan Protein Meals for Serious Gym Gains – John Henderson

Top 4 Vegan Protein Meals

But where did you get your protein from? Is possibly the most asked question when you go vegan. It’s actually not a worry however with plenty of plant based sources available. Everything from tofu to beans to broccoli contain the vital macronutrient which will mean you are never caught short on the protein front on […]

The Benefits of Exercise and How to Stay Motivated: Part 1- Katie Smith

BumbleZest Blog How to Stay Motivated

How do I stay motivated? Why do I exercise? Do I ever feel like I can’t be bothered? Just a few questions I find myself getting asked regularly. The truth is, there is always an excuse you could tell yourself to avoid working out; too tired, too busy, too stressed – the list goes on. […]

Top Brain Boosting Foods – Gopika

Top Brain Boosting Foods

Our brain is an organ that serves the central nervous system and it pretty much controls everything that happens in the body. 60% of our brain is made up of fat and we need fat for providing vital functions in the structuring of brain cells and ensuring smooth communication is possible within the brain. When […]

How To Bring More Positivity Into Your Life- Naomi Laws

BumbleZest Blog Image

I’ve come to learn from my experience, that we are all becoming more aware of the importance of happiness and time, not money. Of quality, not quantity in almost all aspects of our life and, have the growing interest to learn how to achieve this. Today’s blog brings you five simple tips on how to […]