Winter Fitness Tips – Anastasia Pastukhova

Winter fitness tips

You know what they say; Summer bodies are made in the winter. Unfortunately, the combination of shorter, colder, darker days and an overload on Christmas treats does not really help. Just like a lot of people, I sometimes struggle to stay motivated during the holiday season. But it’s so important to keep your body fit […]

Ginger… without the blender! Our Recipe for a Healthy Lifestyle!

Health benefits of Ginger shots: Why you should start incorporating this in your daily routine for a happier and healthier lifestyle. BumbleZest’s healthy recipe for the busy bees – on-the-go, pocket size, immunity boosting Ginger shots, ready just for you to help kickstart your day the best way!

5 Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga- Lauren Tai

5 Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga

1. Anyone Can Do it! Although flexible, sun kissed yogis are all over Instagram, yoga is not limited to a specific demographic. Yoga is accessible for everyone regardless of size, gender, fitness level, flexibility or strength. There are so many different types of yoga: for people who want a very strong and physical practice then […]

8 Ways To Feel Less Stressed Right Now – Hayley Elam

Feel Less Stressed

Coming from a corporate recruitment and sales background, I think I can safely say that I know a thing or two about stress. Working 12 – 14 hour days was the norm and after I set up my own company, weekends were often spent ‘catching up’ too. When I first stumbled across yoga, I had […]

Foods For The Immune System – Naomi Laws

Foods for the immune system

The body’s immune system is our special ‘defense mechanism’ against disease and infection. Without our immune system – which attacks unwanted substances that invade our body, we are susceptible to illness and disease. It is, therefore, so important to not only be aware of the stresses on our immune system, but to also learn the […]

CBD Infused Drinks: The Essential Guide

There’s no doubt that CBD infused drinks are known to have plenty of significant health benefits. CBD products are becoming the next big thing! Many companies have used CBD as their key ingredient pushing its known health benefits. These are in form of teas, oils, soft drinks and more. Let’s dig deeper into what CBD […]

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