Understanding Your Energy Roadmap – @livewellwithlou

We’ve teamed up with Health & Mindfullness Coach Lou, from @livewellwithlou to share tips for understanding your ‘energy roadmap’ PLUS head over to her Instagram feed to enter a competition to win our 3 sparkling herbal waters to help give your energy a vital boost….be quick, your chance to win ends at midnight Sunday 12th […]

10 Way To Live More Sustainably – Erin Burns

Sustainability is the word hot on everybody’s lips right now-and for a very good reason, but what exactly does it mean and what can we do about it? Well, sustainability can be best understood as meeting our current needs without negatively impacting the ability of future generations, this includes things like ensuring the conservation of […]

Top 4 reasons why the Planetary Diet is a Winner – Anna Porter

Want a healthy diet and to play your part in a sustainable food system? Look no further! The planetary diet was born out of desire to provide nutritious food to the worlds fast growing population whilst preserving the planet. According to researchers, the Earth can only handle up to 10 billion people and without the […]

How to Stay Calm in a Crazy World – Francesca Elliott

Blog photo of Francesca Elliot

Yoga Yoga helps me to escape, not only when I am teaching my clients but also when I am self-practicing. Yoga has taught me to acknowledge how my body and mind are feeling in any given moment, making me less reactive in any given situation. A yoga class is the only time I truly connect […]

My Experience with Offline 48 – John Henderson

“The internet used to be an escape from reality, now reality is an escape from the internet” – Unknown My smartphone is like an additional part of my body these days, its always right there in my hand or at hand in my pocket.  I spend countless hours scrolling through various social media apps and […]

How to Join the Anti-diet Revolution- Sarah Glover-Smith

Diet culture; it’s been getting a lot of attention recently, but it’s been a part of our society for years. It’s the voice that screams at you as you look in the mirror and curse yourself for eating that packet of digestives. It’s the reason you can’t wear shorts, even though it’s 30 degrees, because […]

Dogs and how they benefit our mental health and wellbeing- Holly Snowdon

‘No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich’  – Louis Sabin There’s a reason why dogs are often referred to as ‘man’s best friend’. I’m confident in my assumption that NOBODY will greet you with as much enthusiasm and joy as your dog when you walk […]

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