The Top 4 Vegan Protein Meals for Serious Gym Gains – John Henderson

Top 4 Vegan Protein Meals

But where did you get your protein from? Is possibly the most asked question when you go vegan. It’s actually not a worry however with plenty of plant based sources available. Everything from tofu to beans to broccoli contain the vital macronutrient which will mean you are never caught short on the protein front on […]

The Benefits of Exercise and How to Stay Motivated: Part 1- Katie Smith

BumbleZest Blog How to Stay Motivated

How do I stay motivated? Why do I exercise? Do I ever feel like I can’t be bothered? Just a few questions I find myself getting asked regularly. The truth is, there is always an excuse you could tell yourself to avoid working out; too tired, too busy, too stressed – the list goes on. […]

How to Fit in Movement Around a Busy Life As a Mother?- Cordelia Simpson

BumbleZest Movement for Busy Mums

Finding it impossible to squeeze in time to move? What with school-runs, play dates, parent taxi runs, attempting to have a social life, not to mention possibly trying to hold down a job too… I’m feeling your pain! There are so many benefits to being active, ideally, I start my day walking the dogs. I […]

My Top 5 Non-aesthetic Reasons to Workout – Tori Porter

BumbleZest Blog Tori Porter non aesthetic reasons to workout

Once we leave the childhood innocence of playing football or stuck in the mud in a field behind, exercise shifts from a playtime activity to becoming, for many, about weight loss. I think we’ve all been there, trying to make up for excessive pizza and alcohol but hitting the gym the next day. For me […]