Collagen Shots… Can A Drink Really Help My Skin Glow?

What is Collagen? What is it good for? Why are Collagen Shots one of the best ways to increase collagen levels in the body?

If these are the questions you’re keen to know… read on to discover more! 

First things first, what is Collagen?

Collagen is a type of protein. It’s the most abundant structural protein accounting for 90% of collagen in the human body.

Collagen is predominantly found in our connective tissue cells. It forms and affects our skin, bones, hair, nails and cartilage, which makes collagen such a crucial part in supplying structural support, strength, and elasticity for our body.  

Collagen is a key part of the extracellular matrix, a network of molecules that holds the body’s tissues together. Hence why, when there is a degradation of collagen in the skin (during the ageing process, the skin loses elastic fibres and collagen production slows down) this leads to wrinkles, as the skin’s elasticity weakens. 

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So, what is Collagen good for and are Collagen supplements worth it?

Although our bodies produce collagen naturally, as we get older the body produces less and less collagen which affects our skin’s elasticity. 70% of the dry skin mass is compromised by collagen. This means individuals would have to eventually increase their collagen levels at a certain age (It’s been claimed that at about age 25, natural production of collagen starts to decline) in order to support skin health as well as joint, bones, and muscle health.  

HOW can we keep our skin healthy?

The skin is the body’s largest organ. Our skin shields and protects us from any external damage, making it such a vital part of the human body.

Some of the known simple but effective ways to improve skin health are: 

  • Eat a healthy balanced diet 
  • Get enough good quality sleep 
  • Drink plenty of water to hydrate the skin 
  • Keep your skin moisturised 
  • Avoid habits such as drinking excessive alcohol or smoking 


People can help their body produce more collagen by adjusting their diet. For example, nourishing their body with high-protein foods such as chicken, beef, eggs, and dairy products, as well as consuming vitamin C, zinc, and copper.  

However, one of the most popular ways to increase collagen levels is by taking supplements.  

This is where Collagen supplements A.K.A. Collagen Shots come in!

Collagen reportedly has various health benefits which may: 

  • Improve Skin Health 
  • Relieve Joint Pain 
  • Strengthen Bones  
  • Boost Muscle Mass 
  • Promote Heart Health  


Other renowned health benefits of increasing Collagen in our bodies are to also strengthen the hair and nails.  

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An insight to taking Collagen for the Skin

We caught up with our friend Rafeeka (@rafeekalove) – Model, Skincare Enthusiast, Beauty Content and Digital Creator on her skincare routine and her personal thoughts on using Collagen supplements/collagen shots and what were the results! 

Rafeeka states, “My current skincare routine is quite simple. I moved away from using active focus products in terms of treating breakouts – things like retinol or BHA’s… my skincare routine is focused on restoring the skin’s barrier…” 

“My face wash is simple… more hydrating. I want my skin to be hydrated and happy.” 

She also shared her top tips when it comes to nurturing her skin “… Personally for me less is more. So, I really give it time to heal, I nurture my skin both externally and internally by drinking enough water and by not eating chocolates 24/7… I find my skin response in a positive manner.” 

Rafeeka shared her experience on taking Collagen supplements / Collagen shots and her personal advice on other people wanting to try Collagen based products, “I tried Collagen supplements which come in a premade shot which is very convenient, so I like it for that.” 

What were the results?

Rafeeka added,

“There’s two types of Collagen that’s usually used in edible collagen, they’re either Bovine Collagen or Marine Collagen, mostly it’s Marine Collagen.” She explained, “The only thing is that we have different amino chains as humans, so the results we are going to see; one definitely take a long period of time and two, they’re not going to be drastic or dramatic results. So, I think it’s about setting that expectation in terms of what Collagen is really going to do for your skin.” 

“That means that yeah, you do see results… there’s results overtime… some people absolutely love it but I’m kind of on the fence about it.” 

We asked if taking Collagen supplements are worth it and if they are good for the skin, Rafeeka states, “If it’s worth for the skin… yes if you want to do the extra step and go that extra mile and you don’t mind seeing the results gradually over time… then yeah go for it!” 

HOW do Collagen shots work?

Collagen shots / drinks or Collagen in a liquid form – many of these are hydrolysed in order to break down the protein structure. In simple terms, they are mixed in with water and the collagen peptides (smaller blocks) become more bioavailable. This means Collagen can be easily absorbed in the body, into the bloodstream reaching the cells of the skin. 

Collagen Shots are possibly one of the best ways to increase collagen levels in the body due to their bioavailability, resulting in a more active effect. It’s been claimed that Collagen shots may improve the skin’s hydration, elasticity and structure.  

An independent 2019 study found collagen supplements to show promise in terms of improving skin elasticity and dermal collagen density. 

Although there are a variety of renowned health benefits of collagen in liquid form, further research is still necessary to prove they are just as effective if not more than the natural collagen you get from food products.  

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BumbleZest’s Collagen Shot

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Customers have said My dermatologist keeps saying I need to up my collagen intake and this is just the perfect drink for it! Absolutely love it!” – Mr. A. W.  Another one goes “I find it the perfect little energy boost to start my day after a workout… I also feel like my skin, hair and nails are benefitting too.” – F. Taylor.  

So go on, get your glow back and grab some BumbleZest’s Collagen shot today! 


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