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Yoga helps me to escape, not only when I am teaching my clients but also when I am self-practicing. Yoga has taught me to acknowledge how my body and mind are feeling in any given moment, making me less reactive in any given situation. A yoga class is the only time I truly connect with my body and mind, where nothing else matters. For example, I could be having a ridiculously busy and stressful day at work where everything seems to be going wrong, but when I come out of my yoga class, I feel so much lighter, it’s as though all my worries and stresses have simply disappeared. This is the feeling that I want my students to feel when they leave my class.

So the number one tip for staying calm in a crazy world is to assess the coming week, and at the beginning of each week, block time out in your diary for a yoga class, or if you know you have an exceptionally busy week and perhaps won’t have time to get to a class, do a home practice be it with a teacher like me or following youtube.

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Meditation is something that I have been introduced to on my yoga teacher training course and it has honestly changed my life. Taking between 5-10 minutes out of my day either every morning or evening ( it really depends on when works best for me on any given day-I am not strict with my timing because that won’t help with my mood!) calms my mind and brings my focus back into the present moment. Our lives are so busy, so having meditation allows us to have those few sacred minutes of simply doing nothing other than observing our thoughts and focusing on our breath. I have recently been following the Mind Detox app by Fiona Lamb (she is an incredible hypnotherapist) and on this app you simply select your mood and then you will be guided through a meditation.

Be at one with nature

Exercise has always been a big part of my life – I think I am slightly addicted to endorphins, but who isn’t?! if I don’t have time to get to the gym or to a class then I will always make sure I take a walk outside in the fresh air. As little as ten-minutes walking in the fresh air, being at one with nature can really help you to re-focus and calm your mind. There really is something so soothing about hearing the trees swaying in the wind. I know it’s not ideal when it’s raining but even the sound of raindrops can be quite therapeutic. So next time you need to just take a break from your crazy routine, to escape, I strongly recommend you take a walk outside!

Digital detox

I am a strong believer of “switching off” from anything digital after 9pm. A digital detox is essential for calming your mind and those thoughts ready for a good nights sleep. Sleep is SO important for our health and wellbeing – it’s definitely underrated.

We spend most of our day looking at a computer screen so it’s important that we have a detox and switch off from social media/your phone/TV by 9pm at the latest. Reading a book instead of scrolling through Instagram is so much more beneficial, especially when we should be winding down.

Oh, and another thing, I never take my phone into my bedroom – I have a natural daylight alarm clock (would highly recommend!) instead of having to use my phone. If my phone were to be next to my bed the temptation would be too strong! Finally, on the topic of phones, I will also try and resist checking my phone until I leave the house the next morning – it’s amazing how much time you save getting ready when you’re not distracted.

Gratitude journal

Every night before I get into bed, I try and write down three things that I have been grateful for over the course of the day in my journal. They don’t necessarily change day by day, but it just enables me to put the day behind me and to focus on the present moment and all the wonderful people/things that I am grateful for in my life. Especially when I’ve had a bad day, taking that moment to pause helps me to really focus on the positives and reinforces how lucky and grateful I am. I find that physically writing helps cement thoughts into my mind, rather than using the notepad on my phone, so why not try it for a week and let me know how you get on.

About me

Private yoga teacher- BWYQ 300hrs.
Studying BWY Diploma 500hrs.

I have just completed my British Wheel of Yoga 300 Hour Certificate, alongside working full-time in the finance services world (bit of a contrast I know!) and am now working towards my BWY 500 Hour Diploma. Currently specialising in 1:1 and small group classes in the comfort of my students own homes in and around London, I am slowly transitioning from the corporate world to becoming a full-time private yoga teacher.


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