How to Fit in Movement Around a Busy Life As a Mother?- Cordelia Simpson

Finding it impossible to squeeze in time to move? What with school-runs, play dates, parent taxi runs, attempting to have a social life, not to mention possibly trying to hold down a job too… I’m feeling your pain!

There are so many benefits to being active, ideally, I start my day walking the dogs. I love being in the fresh air – it clears my mind and helps to start my day with fresh energy and instantly the movement has begun.

I see movement as part of my self-care routine – if I don’t get it in, I know I’m going to feel sluggish and unable to function to my best ability and in my household that is not an option!

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Here are just some of the benefits to more movement:

• Increases energy levels

• Reduces fat

• Controls weight

• Builds strength

• Improves mood

• Reduces stress

• Improves sleep

So I’ve put together 5 simple steps that always get me moving:


Sounds simple right? Good news it is!
• Ditch the car and walk
• Use public transport
• Take the stairs (back away from the elevator!) – the more flights the better.

2. Get outside

Fresh air is so uplifting; I’m out rain or shine:)
• If you have a dog walk it.
• If you don’t, just walk around a park or somewhere beautiful for at least 20mins per day.

3. Use a step counter

A bit of healthy competition never hurts.
• 10,000 steps a day
• Compete with friends or even better, adversaries!

4. Group exercise

This is an amazing way to meet likeminded people, it might take trying lots of different classes, you’ll get there…
• Community classes are usually more affordable and close to your home.
• Dancing, boxing, yoga, swimming, running…find something that works for you.
• 2-3 hours a week – lunch breaks, crack of dawn, late evening.
Find a time that works, it’s going to be worth it.

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BumbleZest Blog Image

5. Move with your kids/ partner/ friends

It’s always more fun together!

• Take classes together; tennis, swimming, dancing, judo, yoga…
• Great excuse to kick a ball around, go on a bike ride, roller skate, rounders in the park…
• Garden sports are always fun; table tennis, badminton, cricket…get active together!
• Pick active days out like trampoline parks, climbing walls, bike ramps where you can all get involved. Active parents = active kids.

Of course, there’ll be days it doesn’t happen – let’s face it we all need a day of rest but I really think getting into a routine is the best way to start. Expect a lot from yourself! Aim high! You won’t want to let yourself down, we’re our own worst critics.

It’s so important for me to show my 4 children that being active is a way of life – it doesn’t have to be a massive drag! It’s actually when some of the best memories are made.


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