CBD (cannabidiol) is the non-psychoactive compound found in hemp plants. Hemp is a variety of the cannabis plant species that contains very low amounts of THC (the chemical that makes marijuana psychoactive). At BumbleZest, the CBD we use is less than 0.2% THC.  We have our products third party lab tested to confirm they have the correct dosage of CBD and that the THC are always substantially less than the maximum 0.2%.

We use a premium CBD derived from hemp, it is the highest quality and purity plus our CBD is also gluten-free, palm-oil free and vegan. All of our CBD drinks are third party lab tested to ensure they contain substantially less THC than the legal maximum of 0.2%.

No, drinking our CBD drink will not make you high. In the UK, regulation requires CBD products to have no more than 0.2% THC (the component in the hemp plant that has psycho-active effects). Our products are quality driven and made in the UK, with substantially less than 0.2% of THC.

We only source and use all natural, GMO free, ethically sourced ingredients with no added sugars, colouring, additives or preservatives. Our drinks are all gluten, nut, dairy and lactose free. Our ingredients are made from extracts, powders, juices and a drop of natural sweeteners (Honey/Maple/Agave). 

Nearly all of the extracts we use are using a less common and more expensive water extraction process. Most other drinks containing extracts use an ethanol based extraction process, which can destroy some of the valuable elements of the ingredients and create an ethanol (alcohol) build up. Due to this build up, some other drinks have to limit the amount of ingredients they include within their drinks, to avoid them being classified as ‘alcoholic’. As we use a gentler water based process instead, we don’t need to compromise on the quantity of our ingredients. 

Our drinks standout in concept, taste and do not cost the earth. Our ten unique recipes are crafted with all-natural ingredients, sourced for their functional properties, from around the world. We pack each drink lots many different ingredients. The ingredients are in generous doses so that you can feel a difference. There are up to nine different functional ingredients in each recipe. 

We do not claim miracles however some of the possible effects of our drinks include, and are not limited to: weight loss, increased; metabolism, motivation, energy, stamina and immunity, improved; skin and hair complexion, cellulite, digestion, post workout recovery, improved joints and arthritis, anti-ageing, improved sleep, detoxing, cleansing and hangover assistance, decreased; anxiety, stress and bloating. 

HEALTH WARNING: All health content on our website is provided for general information only, and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other healthcare professional. If you have any concerns about your general health, you should contact your local health care provider. 

Our non-CBD and non-caffeinated drinks are suitable for everyone, except our Revive + Restore health shot which is not suitable for babies under the age of one as it contains a drop of honey due to the risk of botulism.

WARNING: Our CBD drinks and caffeinated drinks are not recommended for children or pregnant/breast feeding women. 

Unlike raw juices our recipes gently pasteurised to ensure they are safe, so can be drank by children, the elderly, pregnant, breastfeeding women and those with a compromised immune system. Pregnant women with special conditions should consult their obstetric specialist. 

Our recipes are also a solution for those who struggle to find a healthy drink when they are not “drinking” and for those looking for an alternative to coffee – both of which can be very difficult to avoid. As our shots are less than 100ml you can also to take them with you on the plane on holiday. 

Vegan? See ‘Are the recipes suitable for vegans?’ for more info. 

All of our drinks are vegan friendly except for our Revive & Restore product which contains collagen (from wild fish) & a drop of honey.

We support organic farming and agriculture, however we are not certified as organic. Most of our ingredients are organic but are not officially classified as organic. Lots of the ingredients are exotic and unusual, therefore technically they cannot be classed as organic (collagen, algae and some plant extracts etc.). It is very difficult to have some ingredients certified due to the country of origin. 

Our initial focus is to pack our bottles full of generous doses of the highest quality ingredients that we source from all over the world, at an affordable price for you. We source organic ingredients whenever we can. We do maintain clean and green production and always try to ensure our ingredients have been made to nourish the body in a sustainable and ethical way.  

We believe being healthy is a lifestyle choice. Maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle whilst upholding a busy routine can be difficult and that’s where we can help. Our recipes are designed to help give your body what it needs and the ingredients combined may assist with weight loss and weight management. The ingredients in our drinks do not contain any laxatives and therefore can be drunk regularly. 

We will never promote or encourage our customers to go on a ‘diet’ as we believe (and know) that healthy eating is a lifestyle and not a short-term fix. We will never portray any of our drinks to be a ‘magic formula’ to meet your weight loss goals nor a food substitute to a healthy diet.

We are very generous with our quantities of healthy goodness and some of the natural ingredients can settle at the bottom. Do not worry this is a good sign and is perfectly normal; just give the little bottle a hard shake before consuming.

We have three little secrets below that help us do what we do – create healthy, safe, tasty drinks with a long shelf life that can be stored at room temperature without using any preservatives. Our process keeps as many of the nutrients and flavours in the drinks as possible, to try and keep them as close as possible to the original recipes made from Dan and Emily’s kitchen. Extending the durability of our drinks also helps to avoid food waste.

> We carefully balance our recipes to have a sufficiently low PH by using natural Lemon Juice, which makes it more hostile to bugs but still remains tasty and healthy for everyone’s consumption. Other natural ingredients in the recipes such as Cinnamon, Ginger, Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar, Vanilla and Himalayan Salt etc. also help with preservation. 

> After cold filling the bottles they’re hermetically sealed – which means they are made airtight so nothing can get in or out. 

> We then put the sealed bottles containing the ingredients in a warm bath, to gently pasteurise them, like a bigger version of your bathtub at home. This process kills any existing or dormant harmful bugs. Unlike other traditional pasteurisation methods, we use a relatively low heat and do not leave the ingredients to boil in large drums – which would make them lose some of their goodness. As the recipes are now already in their bottles none of the ingredients can escape through evaporation. Due to our careful balance of natural ingredients we don’t have to heat our recipes to a higher temperature or for longer than is absolutely necessary, which means we are able to retain the nutrients and flavours. Most of our ingredients are extracts and powders that are not affected by the heat process.

This process is designed to protect people from dangerous organisms. Unlike raw juices our recipes are safe for children, the elderly, pregnant, breastfeeding women and those with a compromised immune system. 

Collagen is not just for female adults, it is beneficial for everyone. Just like a protein recovery shake is not just for male muscle builders. Collagen helps men, women and children with the proper functioning of skin, bones, hair, joints, muscles, connective tissues and internal organs. Branched-chain amino acids, which are contained in collagen, improve the body’s synthesis of protein while also increasing the capacity for protein synthesis. These combined effects result in gains for both muscle mass and generation. 

Collagen is safe to be consumed regularly as it helps to boost the production of your own body collagen. Collagen powder is tasteless, so even with our generous dose of 5g per bottle your taste buds probably won’t notice it is there. This provides 5g of high quality protein for those looking for a post gym recovery drink. We use the very best Hydrolysed Marine Collagen, made up of small, usable chain peptides and amino acids. This is the most easily absorbed form for the human body. Our Collagen is non GMO and is sourced from a combination of ethically sourced wild fish. 

Our bottles are made from glass and aluminium caps and our cans are on-BPA aluminium, all widely 100% recyclable. Unlike plastic, which can only be recycled into another product, glass can be recycled back into a new glass bottle. Unlike plastic, using glass means there is no risk of chemicals leaching into our drinks and little chance of our bottles ending up in our waterways and oceans. 

All outer packaging for our drinks is cardboard and is 100% recyclable, made from materials sourced from sustainable forests. 

BumbleZest would love to be able to use no packaging whatsoever, but as a liquid product we do need to use a container. At the moment, there is no ideal solution to the waste and environmental issue of packaging. However, we have chosen to do the next best thing, we make our packaging as minimal as possible reducing our carbon footprint and use the most recyclable materials available. We encourage our customers to please recycle. 

We have stripped out almost all fruit, vegetables and other ingredients that contain hidden sugars. Instead we use just Lemon Juice as our fruit base, which out of fruits contains one of the lowest amounts of sugars, fats and calories. Please see ‘Why do we use lemon?’ for more info. 

We then carefully control the sugar content by using a single drop of Honey, Maple or Agave. These powerhouse ingredients provide sweetness and additional health benefits. 

We’re driven to keep the sugar level to an absolute minimum whilst optimising the taste and providing the sweetness in the healthiest form possible. 

Many other juice drinks use only Stevia as their natural sweetener, as it contains zero calories and is significantly cheaper. We use Honey and Maple as our main natural sweeteners as they top most surveys as the best and healthiest sweetener in the world (including being a top choice in ‘The Ultimate Guide to Sugars and Sweeteners’ April 2015). Honey and Maple contains many natural vitamins, enzymes, phytonutrients and other nutritional elements. We believe the health benefits of Honey and Maple by far out weigh the small amount of additional calories and cost. 

Lemon is our fruit base not just for the refreshing citrusy taste or because they are one of the fruits with the least amount of sugar, fat and calories. Lemons are so potent and packed with vitamins, minerals and essential oils that we only have to use half a squeezed Lemon in every recipe as our fruit source. The power and health benefits of Lemon Juice are often underestimated. Lemon Juice also helps reduce the PH of the recipes to make them hostile for bugs, which aids in the preservation for you without loosing goodness. 

For more info on preservation see ‘How can our drinks have a long shelf life?’ 

The colour of our drinks is a result of the natural blend of ingredients and is as nature intended – we do not add any colourings. 

We are always on the lookout for energetic, passionate and friendly people who want to join our team. If this sounds like you, send us an email to hello@bumblezest.co.uk with a cover letter & CV. We can’t promise anything, but if you impress us enough it might just get you into our HQ.

If you have a complaint or would like to write in to us with any feedback, please write to: 

James White, Whites Fruit Farm, Ashbocking, Suffolk, IP6 9JS

Or email: 


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